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Defend Cycle Support


Defend Cycle Support is an on cycle support supplement. It’s the perfect product for protecting your organs during a cycle of PEDs.

This supplement only contains high-quality and scientifically backed ingredients, which are all known to either help you protect your organs or restore the damage done.

Defend should be taken alongside your cycle of performance enhancers. It’s essential to run it throughout the entire length of your cycle.


If you plan to run an 8-week cycle, it’s highly recommended to take Defend for 8 weeks as well. Please note that one bottle is a one month’s supply.

PEDs such as prohormones, steroids, or SARMs put organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart under a lot of pressure. This is where a cycle support steps in to help keep you and your organs healthy and prevent adverse effects from happening.

Take four (4) capsules daily with one of your meals during the day. Do not exceed the recommended serving size.

Serving Size: 4 Capsules  – Servings Per Container: 30
Milk Thistle Extract – 1000mg,  N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) – 600mg, Peppermint Leaf Powder – 500mg,  Saw Palmetto Extract – 250mg, Hawthorn Berry Extract – 150mg, Red Clover – 200mg, TUDCA – 250mg.

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What is Defend Cycle Support?

Defend is the best on cycle support supplement out on the market. The advanced formula only contains high-quality and scientifically proven ingredients to support your organs throughout your cycle.

During a cycle of performance enhancers, it’s possible to experience side effects caused by the compounds you’re taking. These performance enhancers’ common side effects include hepatotoxicity, increased blood pressure, and negative lipid profile changes.

Therefore it’s essential to have a cycle support on hand to combat these adverse effects. Taking it during your cycle will prevent you from running into any issues.

Allow us to walk you through the variety of ingredients found in this cycle support supplement because that’s where the difference is made.

How to use Defend

Most users take Defend anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on how long their cycle lasts. This is important because it should be used for the complete length of your cycle.

That means taking it alongside your PEDs, from the beginning to the end of a cycle. Take a look at the table below, and you’ll see how straightforward taking this supplement as your on cycle support is.

ProductWhen To TakeServing SizeCycle Length
DefendTake 4 capsules in the morning with a meal.4 Capsules4 - 12 Weeks

For optimal effects and results, you have to take the full serving of four (4) capsules every day. By taking the pills every day, the ingredients can build up in the system to work at full effect. It’s advised to take your dosage with a meal.

It’s also possible to take Defend during your post cycle therapy to help positively impact lipids and blood pressure.

The Best On Cycle Support Supplement

Many bodybuilders and athletes consider Defend to be the best on cycle support supplement for prohormones and steroids. The reason for this is that the fully transparent label only contains potent ingredients that are clinically dosed.

Each compound found in this supplement either helps or prevents adverse effects caused by the use of PEDs.

Most on cycle support products lack the right ingredients or use an insufficient dosage. That’s not the case with Defend – below, you will find every ingredient explained with the relevant studies linked.

cycle support supplement

Milk Thistle is extracted from the Silybum Marianum plant and used as a herbal remedy against liver damage for decades. The active ingredient is called Silymarin and has been proven to be a potent antioxidant. 

Many studies showed that Milk Thistle could help against liver damage and protect the liver against toxins. Another interesting feature of Milk Thistle is that it could help lowering Blood Sugar by improving insulin sensitivity.

This ingredient is something you definitely want to use while using a compound, such as prohormones or steroids, that could damage your liver. Milk Thistle will help protect and recover the damage.

NAC is a better form of L-Cysteine and has the ability to increase glutathione resulting in many health benefits. Studies have shown that NAC can possibly help with liver detoxification and has positive effects on liver enzymes. 

A study done on the effects of NAC showed that it could help against acute hepatotoxicity which means that the liver is severely damaged. 

Another study showed that it could help with improving kidney function.

Peppermint powder has the ability to increase bile flow and aid the digestion in the stomach. Researchers found out that it could reduce bad cholesterol. A study found out that Peppermint extra that positive effects on hepatic enzymes. 

Next to that, it’s also a widely known supplement rich in vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. It’s used in traditional medicine as a supplement to help with reducing flu signs.

Saw Palmetto is a supplement that is extracted from a plant called Serenoa Repens. It’s mostly used as a Testosterone booster for muscle gain. However, researchers found out that it helps with the protection of the liver and kidney.

Hawthorn berries are rich in antioxidants and could help with detoxifying your body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and could restore the liver, even after the damage is done. 

A study in mice on the effects of Hawthorn berry found out that it is significantly reduced inflammatory.

Red Clover is an herb that is a form of legume. It has many different health benefits. However, researchers found out that it could help with high cholesterol and improving the lipid profile.

Based on the data available, Red Clover is a promising compound that should be included in a potent cycle support for steroids and prohormones.

TUDCA, also known as tauroursodeoxycholic acid, is known as one of the best liver support supplements for protection and gallstones. Researchers found out that it could help with liver cirrhosis and improve liver enzymes.

No more buying two or three different products to put together your own cycle support; Defend contains all the essentials you’ve been searching for.

defend Cycle Support

The Best On Cycle Support supplement

  • Science-backed Formula
  • Unique High-Quality Ingredients
  • Protect Your Organs
  • Supports Healthy Lipid Profile
  • 1 Month's supply - 120 Capsules

Specification: Defend Cycle Support

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